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triumph street triple hellfire tracker

I don’t often promote the brand new motorbike with changed-up parts and accessories. bikerMetric is supposed to be about metric bobbers, choppers, cafe racers and parts. Regardless, every once in a while something slick pops it’s head out of the glued-on-chrome muck and deserves a mention.

Triumph Street Triple 675 before:

Triumph Street Triple Hellfire after:

It was assembled by German motorbike dealer motorcorner. They call the Hellfire a “flat track conversion.” All the body modifications and racing exhaust are manufactured by a company named BOS. Good luck finding a website. Please let us know if you have info on this company.

On motorcorner’s website, they state that all the parts are in stock; wheels, tires, exhaust, handlebars, and body.  Everything you see here costs about $6,500. That means you can make one of these nifty dirt flingers yourself in your garage with a toolbox and little else.

German video production is funny. I wonder if the background music is sung by David Hasselhoff….

Thanks to MPOTD for putting up the pix that got me researching.

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  1. your david hasselhoff image is so freaking funny

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