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if you want to advertise on bikerMetric, you are crazy. i’ll make fun of the beer you drink and if you’re doing something great, i’ll post “f*** yeah!” if you don’t send me updates about your biz, i won’t hunt you down to promote you. if you promise something and don’t live up to your word, i’ll delete your links because if you won’t keep your word with me, what makes me think you’ll do it for our readers that i send your way?

on the other hand, i’ll create banners and posts for you, with bold links to any webpage you wish customers to visit. these banners and posts will be seen and read by tens of thousands of motorbike riders and builders every month. 42,300 readers and 28,800 unique visitors came by for over four minutes and read over three pages each between june 3 and july 2, 2012.

i also implore my readers to tell any advertiser they contact to inform them how they found my advertisers on bikerMetric, so you’ll know your dollars are working. you can always ask where they found your company, too.

therefore, if you still feel that you must advertise here, whip out your paypal account and contact me. i’ll share with you different plans that are available and maybe we can make a deal that helps keep bM running and sends customers your way.

thank you.

You can use these rates here or just contact me with your own inquiry and we can work something out.

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