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there are two ways to find great custom metric parts for your bobber, chopper, or cafe racer project on bikerMetric. we suggest you try both.

first, you can check out our very own shop. we’ll be populating it with the best, unique, affordable, quality parts for your custom motorcycle builds we can find. some of it will be sourced from our friends and our community. we can vouch for them. they make good stuff. other parts come from around the world through amazon. we’re putting together our top picks that will help you find that unique look and style you need.

we’ll be growing our web shop over spring and summer of 2015, but if you have any suggestions, or want your products included in the shop, please contact us.

click to check out the web shop:

shop bikerMetric - support the Metric revolution

the other way to find some custom motorcycle parts is by checking out the folks below. they offer everything from custom bobbers, choppers, and cafe racers (the latest trendy thing) plus a giant amount of metric motorcycle parts and accessories. yamaha xs650 charging systems? check. custom gas tanks? oh yeah. even one-off handlebars.

click the banners to discover a magical world of cool american made custom motorcycle stuff.

when contacting any of these metric bobber, chopper, and cafe racer shops, tell them you found them on bikerMetric for that supreme care that makes everything extra nice!

anything you need for your yamaha xs650 by hugh owings
custom brake lights and slammed metric bobbers by tail end


  1. Please add me to your your email newsletter. Thank you

  2. I see nino bagger works is a sponsor here? That’s a shame you would be seen associating with thieves. NINO will rip you off. Only thing lower than a thief is a molester.

  3. Hi,
    I have a Yamaha XVS1100a custom 1999 and its starter clutch gave up on me and I am looking for a new set to perform an “organ transplant” and get my iron horse back on the road again.
    As it seems, the cog found at the end of the starter motor is damaged and should be replaced too. However, the cog does not have a part No. and I am unable to find it separate from the starter motor…
    Am I destined to replace the whole starter motor?
    Did anyone face such a situation in the past?



  4. Hey Adrian,
    Thanks for the reply.
    If there is one things people know in Israel is that you go to the agent (especially the Yamaha agency that also represents Kawasaki and SYM) but look for parts as far away as possible…
    Eventually, I found the entire stater motor for a price I was willing to pay considering the expenses and time involved…
    But the starter clutch I managed to find in Taiwan (yes, I know it is not original…) for less than a quarter the price they wanted to charge me here…
    So, I managed to solve my problems…

    Thanks anyway.

  5. I own several Honda’s , the one i would like to go crazy and different on is my 81 cb450…..i plan on contacting most of these shops…Love the site Biker Metric…have a blessed day and ride safe…

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