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Attention Builders We Need You

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Attention Builders We Need You

Want to be featured on bikerMetric? Got a bone to pick with us? Think we’re doing great? Have a question of your own? Whatever the case send us an email, we want to hear from all of you lovers and haters alike!

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    We don't mean to question your existence, but we need to make sure you're real.


    We’re looking for more of what everyone wants to see. Motorcycles. Cafe racers. Choppers. Bobbers. Trackers. Frankenbikes and other cool s*** that can’t even be categorized. Write us about your build first and we’ll reply so that you can send us pictures. We’d love to see what all of you greasy creeps have been taking pictures of. Share the love!

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    1. Do you have a contact email for yogyakarta’s dariztdesign I have some questions I would like to ask the brothers

    2. Hi,

      I’ve been reading your frame building series and was wondering if there’s more to come
      or if it was cut off. I could only find up to part 3.

      This is the first in the series I’m referring to: https://www.bikermetric.com/techtips-building-your-custom-motorcycle-frame-part-1/

    3. Just fill out the contact form like everyone else :)

    4. Like concept bikes

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