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wheels & waves x loser machine video

I’ve translated some of what I found on this video in French, as I found the french to be a little more well written than the English translation. That being said, I’m no expert. So click the pic for a sweet riding video and a little blurb about it:

Winter is long in Europe. It’s the time of year when riders stay retreated in their garages. The lucky ones will have some form of heating, but we all know it’s never enough. Those neon lights can’t replace the missing sunshine either.

Nonetheless a group of friends, Loser Machine and Bixente included, planned a ride through the Basque region to get things going for Wheels & Waves 2013.

A group of 20 or so friends got together. The weather was difficult to guess this time of year and the riders ended up in a little bit of all types of weather.

The June ride being proposed is basically perfect. 240 km of a real mix of nature, mountains, coastal roads, and more. Quote: “Mountains are found in abundance as are the twists on the long empty stretches of road, which are themselves much like racing circuits, in short, a dreamlike wonderland. Anybody who loves bikes will get that longed for Endorphin rush and a heavenly bike connection.”

Adrian S.

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