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new 7 metal west 6" fenders

bikerMetric buddy dan at 7 metal west has just come out with a 6″ version of the ribbed ducktail fender “for the 150mm tire guys.”

you’ve seen the beautiful ribbed brass fender he made for the ForD, and these are just as killer:

a 37″ long, monstrously thick 16 gauge steel fender is only $160, including shipping within the usa. it’s the same price if ribbed, smooth, ducktail or not. 21″ fenders are only $85 shipped.

see the difference between a similarly-priced aluminum 7 metal fender made in the usa and an aluminum fender manufactured by west eagle in japan:

copper and aluminum six-inchers are coming soon.

visit 7metalwest.com or call dan at his wisconsin shop at 414.477.0380.

as always, tell folks you read about them on that crazy freaking bikerMetric site.


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