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freedom or death machine rebuild | post #5


finally a post where i am not bashing dumbass f***tards. instead we have great news regarding the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE rebuild.

if you folks haven’t noticed, there is a nice banner on the top-right of every page for tc. bros. they are our latest partners, not only to advertise, but to assist with the rebuild of my sadly mangled metal love beast.

i’d been thinking, since the whole frame needs to be re-constructed from the ground up, that i might try to do something different and create a nifty suspension within the top rails of the hardtail, and adding an axle at the bottom. it wouldn’t give a lot, and it would be an interesting feat to accomplish, but it sure would look cool and anything is better than riding a hardtail, right?

not so fast, smartypants. when i posed that question to tim at tc bros., he told me i ought to try their air ride suspension and they would send a couple to me as i plan on riding the bike from tennessee to new orleans when she’s complete. he said the mountain bike springs i have are merely glorified old school seat springs, and as i’ve discovered, really don’t spring much, no matter how one adjusts the tension.

currently, the air ride seat suspensions have a goodyear logo on them, but the guys at tc bros. are making their own which will have their brand stamped in them. it is those air rides my shiny *** is going to bounce along the roads to my salvation upon.

i can’t wait!

the new hardtail will also be a tc brand. look for a review of both of these products as the build progresses.

i’m making a frame jig this week. wait until you see how crooked the steering neck is in the next installment of “f*** you, saint motorbikes!”

until then, check out the “bros” and tell them that mad wacko from bikerMetric sent you.

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