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elswick cycles xs650 chopper for sale | SOLD

jamie elswick is selling his 1980 xs650 on ebay. his vehicle took a dump on him last week so this beast has to go. he’s selling it asap so he can get new wheels. there is no reserve on the bike.

jamie started this xs two years ago and never finished because other projects kept coming up. if one of you cats in central or southern california purchase the bike he will help you finish it. all incomplete work you see in these pix will be finished for the buyer. the frame alone is worth $1,200 as i’m sure most of you metric mofos know, and the bike only has 5,000 miles on the motor.

it runs and will be tuned up and in top condition once purchased. no other parts will be included but what you see here. although, since jamie elswick is part of elswick cycles, if there is extra stuff you want, you know it will get done and done right.

to find out a lot more about the bike, email jamie directly at sativaguy45 at yahoo dot com.

there are only about 24 hours left to bid, so get crackin’ and get yourself a kickass xs650 chopper from elswick cycles.

[EDIT 02.29.12: it is apparent that elswick cycles are no longer in business. the sites who used to sell their products no longer do, their flakebook and blog pages haven’t been updated in a year, and i’ve heard a few stories of folks who purchased things from them to never see it arrive. i do not know what happened and took their banners down four months ago when the bike they were so keen on building with me never materialized. i apologize to anybody who read great things about them here but were eventually ripped off. what i got from them was great and it saddens me to see they disappeared. feces occurs, it seems. peace out, metric mofos.]

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