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custom bajaj pulsar 220

custom bajaj pulsar by j&d custom co.

In June we featured Jay Patel, likely our youngest builder on bikerMetric, ever. Jay’s a 21 year old who dropped out of studying engineering to follow his dreams and start building custom motorcycles.

In his father’s workshop he began to learn fabrication, sheet metal work, welding, shaping, and grinding. He restored a 1986 Land Rover 110 and started working on his first custom motorcycle build shortly after. Now he’s back with a new build.

bikerMetric: Hey Jay, what do you have for us this time?

Jay: This time we got a Bajaj Pulsar 220 to work with. The client needed a two seater so I started working on his design and end up with a Brat style bobber. I think its only bratbob made from a Pulsar in India.

custom bajaj pulsar 220

bikerMetric: Without the motorcycle fairings you completely changed the look of the bike. How much of it is actually Pulsar?

Jay: We used Bajaj’s 220cc motor, rims, and front suspension. Otherwise everything is fabricated according to design. We built an oval shape petrol tank with chrome cap, new frame and a swing arm with monoshock suspension which works excellent.

bikerMetric: I heard that the handlebar was a pain to deal with.

Jay: Talking about the handlebar really excites me. This time we handcrafted a handlebar with great detailing work. We removed all the plastic swithces and made a handlbar which has all metal switches. It gives you a great feeling and a thrill too! The handlebar was most challenging part of this whole build, because we had a 2013 model Pulsar which has all digital systems in it. So we can’t put metal switches with those digital systems, because every switch is connected with some sensors. It was very difficult to customize that digital wiring & make a unique & simple thing. I went to many mechanics and electricians and even to some Bajaj guys too, and everyone said “What you want can’t be done.”

custom bajaj pulsar 220 handlebar and mono shock

bikerMetric: But you did it.

Jay: Yes. Later on I understood that what they were really saying was “I don’t know how to do it.” and not that it can’t be done. After many hours of work, I did it. I made the wiring as simple as possible and put in all metal switches. I think its most eye-catching part of the bike.

bikerMetric: And then what?

Jay: We also made some pure crafted Brass grips, handle mounts which added some more charm on handlebar.

bikerMetric: Talk lighting to me.

Jay: We fitted a vintage yellow 5inch headlamp with 2 white led fog lamps. Talking about rear light, this time I handcrafted that rear LED light. It looks beautiful when it’s on. It shines like that rear red light of formula one car. We also fitted LED side blinkers in the both rear & back side.

bikerMetric: Rims?

Jay: I wanted to give some creative touch to Bajaj Pulsar’s alloy wheels this time, it’s a mirror polished wheels with black painted strips. It looks badass in person and while running.

custom bajaj pulsar 220

bikerMetric: That looks like a juicy seat for the passenger. We don’t always see a lot of that on bikerMetric.

Jay: As our client wanted a two seater bike with good comfort, we ended up with this black leather seat with more cushioning for the pillion rider. We also fitted a tool box as per client’s need, which is chromed box with leather belts. You’ll notice we also gave exhaust some nice bends this time & wrapped it up with exhaust wrap.

bikerMetric: What about the controls?

Jay: We relocated rear disc brake pump mechanism for better positions. Which works good. You’ll find the mechanism under the engine block. Foot pegs & levers are our in-house products. We hid the wiring (as much as we could) with the copper pipes, which also give some more charm to bike.

custom bajaj pulsar 220 back left

bikerMetric: Charming indeed! Where can we see more from J&D Custom Co.?

Jay: bikerMetric readers can email me at janddcustomco@gmail.com. They can also follow my work on my facebook page, or they can follow my work on instagram as ‘jdcustomco’.

custom bajaj pulsar 220 front quarter

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