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custom honda supercub steampunk by k-kustom

custom honda supercub steampunk by k-kustom

K-Kustom has been producing some outlandish builds in Indonesia. This latest one is a steampunk-inspired custom Honda Supercub. The supercub has been the highest selling motorcycles of all time, but this one looks nothing like any you’ve seen before.

There is no specific story for this bike. Basically the custom Honda Supercub was built for using parts from my garage and home. It’s a workshop bike made from workshop pieces. There are many abandoned motorcycle parts and tools in this build. When I got this bike it was just a choppy Cub with a rust style. I made it into a steampunk-inspired build.

– Ariez

First, a pic of the build:

 steampunk custom honda supercub

And now some more pics, of all of the various parts machined onto the bike for character, or just for, because, well, why the **** not?

shot glass, anyone?

Shot, anyone? Here, have mine.

Wrench pegs.

custom honda supercub steampunk - cutting torch for oxy acetylene weld

Cutting torch for oxy acetylene weld.

steampunk custom honda supercub headlight mounted by a seat spring

Headlight mounted by seat spring.

steampunk custom honda supercub


Other parts used include a front sprocket and clutch plates mounted for decor, stainless steel wires wrapped around the throttle, axe parts, and more.

steampunk custom honda supercub

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  1. I know the rat thing is being done to death but Oh man I lurv this thing!! so impractical, so dangerous but so f’n creative :) a true CUSTOM bike. Looks solid, like you could ride it through a brick wall!!

    • I would totally beat around town on this thing! Cool as ****. Have you seen the video of a Honda Cub being ridden off of the top of a building? It still ran when they got to the wreck at the bottom. These things CAN go through anything.

      • That video was where they counted down the 10 greatest bikes of all time. The Cub came out at 1 ahead of all the superbikes you think would win, ‘cos of its reliability and build strength. More Cubs were produced than any other bike, you still can’t turn around in Asia without tripping over one.

  2. “hey ma! watch me do this!”

    – the hillbilly’s famous last words

  3. it is not steampunk. rather dieselpunk but not a steampunk

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