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what is high mileage for a harley-davidson?

What is the high mileage for Harley Davidson? For an average motorcycle, high mileage is anywhere between 20,000 miles to 30,000 thousand miles. For a Harley Davidson, the high mileage is associated with its type and model.

In the motorcycle industry, when you are talking about how many miles Harleys last, you are asking about the bike’s overall condition. A bike with more miles on it means that it will require higher maintenance and will run higher risks of leaks. In some cases, the engine might need major repair or replacement work. Therefore, if a bike with an estimated high mileage of 20,000 miles is already on 28,000 miles it means it is past the average motorcycle high mileage phase. However, more miles do not always mean bad condition, some of the vintage motorcycles that have been kept with great care and have been maintained regularly can last way past their average high mileage.

So, what makes one bike a well-maintained vintage collector’s piece, while the other one is considered a worn-down, bad-mileage motorcycle? This post is aimed at answering your queries about how many miles can a Harley last. How many miles should be on your Harley before it is rebuilt, and how to take care of your Harley Davidson motorcycle?

What is High Mileage for a Harley Davidson?

Smaller Harley-Davidsons have an estimated high mileage of around 20,000 to 30,000 miles, whereas larger Harleys can drive for an average of 30,000 to 50,000 miles without their engines being worn down.

What Affects the Lifespan of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

There are different factors that affect the lifespan of a Harley Davison.

–       A too-loose or too-tight motorcycle chain:

As the final driving unit of power transmission in your motorcycle, the chain transfers power produced by the engine to the rear wheels of the bike. If the chain transmission is not smooth, the power transmission to the rear wheel will not be smooth. As a result, the bike will have trouble getting started. Therefore, a too-loose or too-tight motorcycle chain will not only impact the driving performance, but it will also impact the mileage of your Harley.

–               Heavy Braking and Accelerating:

It consumes too much fuel than is normally required thereby compromising the performance of the engine and negatively affecting motorcycle mileage.

–               Poor quality or low levels of engine oil:

Any compromise on engine oil will result in drastic negative effects on performance and mileage.

–       Not servicing the bike:

Your Harley requires constant care and servicing, ignoring this important aspect will have negative impacts on your bike.

How to Get the Maximum High Mileage from Your Harley Davidson

Regular servicing, proper maintenance, and using high-quality fluids will give your motorcycle a long life. You should ride your bike the way it was designed to be ridden, for example, the Street Glide MPG or the Nightster is not built for stop-and-go traffic.

How Many Miles Do Harleys Last?

Harleys will last as long as you take care of them. Former Wisconsin Senator and US Marine Corps veteran, Dave Zien put a world record one million miles on his 1991 Harley Davidson FXR Super Glide. The feat wasn’t achieved overnight, there are years of regular maintenance and taking the utmost care. Now your bike might not last as long as this FXR Super Glide, you can strive for the best by identifying what is affecting the longevity of a Harley and how the lifespan is affected in general.

Know the Difference between Routine and Major Repairs

Being the owner of a motorcycle, you will often experience routine repairs, something virtually all motorcycles need, and then some major repairs.

The Minor Service Repairs Needed by Your Harley

Minor routine repairs, also known as interim servicing, usually focus on checking fluids and oils. This is a simple repair that should include:

–                     Replacement of engine oil and oil filter

–                     Checkup of brake fluids and brake pads; topping up the fluid if needed.

–                     Adjusting (if needed) and lubricating the chain.

–                     Checking headlight and brake light

–                     Checking the tire pressure and adjusting the air if needed.

The Major Service Repairs Needed

A major repair/servicing includes all that is included in the minor service and more. It will inspect the engine and adjust any parts if needed. A major service will include:

–                     All the services included in minor repair

–                     Clutch oil filter and fluid replacement

–                     Brake calipers removed and cleaned

–                     Brake fluid replaced

–                     Adjustment of throttle and brake cables

–                     Front and rear suspension checked for play and wear

–                     Through review of the Battery performance

–                     Wheel bearings and Headrace (headstock) bearings

–                     Valve clearances checked and adjusted

–                     Checking and replacement of radiator coolant

–                     Checking all fasteners and correction torque

Harley Davidson 5000 Miles Service:

At 5,000 miles it is recommended to get an Engine Oil Replacement and Oil Filter change. Inspection of Brake System including brake pads, discs, oil lines, and fluid reservoir, along with an inspection of Air Filters.

Harley Davidson 10,000 Miles Service:

At 10, 000 miles the service checks will include extensive battery care and replacement of Engine Oil and Oil filters. Inspect Brake System: brake pads, discs, oil lines, and fluid reservoir. Inspect Air Filter: and any other service as required.

Harley Davidson 30,000 Miles Service:

The 30,000 miles service includes inspection of tires, tread depth, wheels, brake pads, brake discs, fuel lines, electrical equipment, fluid levels, critical fasteners, oil lines, exhaust, rear shocks, engine mounts, stabilizer links, and sprockets.

Harley Davidson 50,000 Miles Service:

Disassemble, inspect, rebuild forks, and replace fork oil. You should check reverse operation at each service interval (i.e., 5000, 10,000, 30,000, and 50,000 miles).

How Many Miles Will a Harley 103 Last?

Harley 103 is a living legend in the world of motorcycles, people buy frames of the bikes from scrap yards and install 103 engines into it, and they continue riding the bike for years. The number 103 in the name means 103 cubic inches or 1690 displacement. This is just like the engine of a compact car; it does not overheat and can live much longer than any other average bike.

How Long Can a Harley 103 Engine Last

Harley 103 is constructed with longevity in mind. This twin-cam engine was first introduced in 2010, and in 2017 the company stopped producing it. The average mileage of a Harley 103 engine is 150,000 miles. They offer good gas mileage (47 – 50 MPG) along with extraordinary top speed and acceleration.

How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Harley 103

Here is how you can ensure the longevity of your Harley Davidson.

–                     Good oil

–                     No revving up your engine, but also don’t ride on low RPM level, choose optimal ways of riding;

–                     Keep your bike running, you will be able to ride it far more if you ride a lot of miles every year;

–                     regular maintenance and servicing.

How Many Miles on Harley Davidson Before it is Rebuilt?

A well-maintained Harley-Davidson engine of any model is expected to last for 20+ years and 150,000+ miles. Regular routine maintenance and servicing are what will keep your engine running for a long time.

Apart from age and mileage, other factors that will indicate an engine rebuild are listed below.

–                     Average Range to See If Engines Need Reconditioning.

–                     The Engine is Blowing Smoke.

–                     Valve Not Seating or Bad Seals.

–                     Piston And Ring Issues.

–                     Noisy Top End on Your Motorcycle.

–                     Noisy Bottom End of Your Motorcycle Engine

–                     Clutch Issues.

–                     Gearbox Issues.

Harley Davidson Engines that Can Last Long

Some of the best Harley-Davidson engines that tend to last a really long time (more than 90,000 miles) are:

Harley-Davidson Evolution engine (EVO)

Harley-Davidson Twin Cam engine (TC)

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine

There are plenty of riders who have on their Harley EVO engines more than 100,000 to even upwards of 145,000 miles.

Top 5 Tips for Prolonging the Life of Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Your Harley’s engine has a built-in capacity of living a long life. With a little care, you can prolong the life of your motorcycle’s engine. Here are the top five tips that will help you in the long run.

  1. Regular engine maintenance and inspection: including the use of high-quality fuel and engine oils.
  2. Keeping a natural riding style and maintaining the RPM at the manufacturer-recommended level.
  3. Too many engine modifications, at too early a stage will ultimately kill the performance of your motorcycle.
  4. Regular Servicing: get your motorcycle serviced at regular intervals, as we have discussed above. Getting it serviced at regular intervals will ensure that it performs optimally.
  5. Protect your Harley from external damage. Keep it covered with a soft customized cover and store it in a temperature-maintained garage. Here you can find some great customized Harley Davidson covers.

Protecting Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Protecting your Harley Davison from dirt, debris, moisture, and other foul materials is extremely important. We often see motorcycles that are comparatively newer (no more than 2 – 5 years) but they look like they have been dragged through a desert. Then there are some astonishing beauties, decades old and yet shining like it’s their first day out of the showroom. Taking care of the exterior of your bike is as important as maintaining its engine. Make sure that you clean it, polish it, and keep it properly covered when you are not riding it.

Reading through this post will help you understand what high mileage is for Harley Davidson and how you should take care of it. By regularly maintaining and servicing your bike you will ensure that its engine stays in top-notch condition. Simultaneously, taking care of the frame and outer parts of the bike will ensure that it looks sleek and beautiful for years to come.

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