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atlas vs. *** motherf****rs

she was dreaming and woke wiping her tears
he slept next to her snoring
the dog was panting good morning
as the man came alive

he dreamt of gorgeous women running
dreamt of grand and spectacular things
he was king and thought
today was going to be a great day
one of desire
which brings most heartache

a fresh cup of coffee
with visions that had nothing to do with walking the earth
where falsehood reigns
with jesus in your face and still
forgotten in the desert
we sweat

is a dream less real than a treaty
a declaration
a constitution
a commercial

our nation is not only christian
look around at every face
dream and reality have broken
and many hate out of ignorance and fear

i believe
we can make it through
and be one and still be none
free to be and kind to all
everything bangs inside
i believe
should we all have faith in each other

and she dreamt…

dragon by ideografix

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