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welcome new flipping nibble gyrators

does the f come before the n? i do not know. f***ing new guys or new f***ing guys? whatever.

it’s that time of the month again. time to welcome the noobs, the *****, and the suckers who clicked the wrong button for some reason to read the metric madness contained within these pages on a regular basis.

first i would like to thank the dudes and dudettes who have purchased bikerMetric junkie foot pegs. they’re made to fit xs650 mounts, and if you have trouble getting them on your honda, shave off the mounts and make something like this:

do it yourself foot peg mounts

these were fabbed by james, the winner of the one-off spiderweb design foot pegs to fit on his honda cb750 bobber. right on, man.

we are investigating making a simple universal weld-on mount for you mofos if we can sell them for $5 or something cheap. you’ll provide your own bolts, washers and nuts.

corporate man tie

of course you’ll provide the nuts. about nuts, here are the latest noobs who decided to “follow” this online world of custom metric bobbers, choppers, cafe racers, beer, pirates, babes, angry rants against the corporate man, dead bankers, and poetry.

ha! i’m making bikers read poetry!

first up is speedg. speed was one of the old wastebook members who has followed about 100 of us to zurker. right the f*** on, man.

UPDATE 06.16.12:
i’ve moved the old bikerMetric group to this page on chop cult.

here is a bike from one of the blogs he follows, sucka free since 1983:

cb750 cafe racer | sucka free since 1983

interesting suspension. see the two shocks on the right and none on the left. would like to take that for a spin.


jcanspray is old bM fb member jason hickey, who has also come along to zurker. i won’t give you his wastebook page, because f*** them, but here is his new zurker page. peace out, ****! glard to have ye aboard. yar!

another old wastebook member is Elizabeth Mcdaniel, who is a great contributor on the pirate vessel that is now migrating to zurker. she is a good friend of my trusty mate, russ bowers, and has been an invaluable member by jumping to the new ship lollipop. thanks, wench!

coincidentally, another new “follower” is named Elizabeths_Ink and i think it may be the same wench as above. she believes we “have the right to bear arms, the right to worship, the right to speak our mind, and the right to pursue greatness.” i dig it. she also says that “big government and big business destroys the little guy that busts his **** to make it,” and that one should “speak your mind, live your convictions and look out for more than just your own hide.” amen, sister. now…. when are you bringing the beer?


Lupo has a face i recall from somewhere. i cannot remember exactly. hmmm…. why do people propagate different names across different online websites, blogs, and all that? it isn’t like your ip address or the cookies you never delete are not tracking you so f***. use the same name so you can be recognized by people. the corporations and the government already know. and the more names you use, the more you become a suspect. read this if you don’t believe me read this and this.


maybe it’s time for a beer.

Bruce T. Salindie is an arrogant motherf***er. he admits it. i like that. we need more of those around here. visit bruce’s blog here. he prefers the pen over the the computer. dude. i dig. i prefer a 75-year old typewriter than this electronic sh*t. and if something big doesn’t happen by the end of the year, i am done. back to beer, BJs, words on paper that appear the moment you press and hear the snap of the key hitting the paper, and being a pimp. living in a cathouse.

this is what i give up to write these words to you. a**holes. you think being a pimp is easy? try it and get back to me.

so far, it’s easier than pretending to know about custom metric motorcycles and how to sell innovative and exacting parts. seems one day i’m cool and the next i am “competition.”

it’s because my idea kicks your *** and instead of making a few bucks re-selling, you’re trying to put me out of business.

you want what i have for yourself? f*** you. even if i quit in six months, everybody will know you stole it.

here, read a poem.

bikerMetric is the man from planet ***

now for the spies. the entities who signed up and left no image. no logo. no picture. these are the “followers” i distrust.

bikerMetric spies

Toast Kustom, i like my toast with butter and a bit of sugar and cinnamon on top. can you do that?

Tracy Kennedy, thumbhammer and John Savoie follow this blog only and are obviously spies. there is too much out there for this to be the only biker blog they dig. unless you like poetry. as for Darren Morton, he isn’t into custom metric motorbikes. he is into **** and i was icked-out after ten seconds on his blog.

peace out, mofos. here is another from sucka free. punk kids. stay off my lawn.

but enjoy yours.

cb750 chopper | sucka free since 1983

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