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estonian zydeco music biker vid

for the faithful who for some reason keep visiting at the same numbers since i quit posting regularly, this fun video was send from our good friend woody. it is a seemingly wacko estonio biker music vid with modern zydeco music as if i haven’t heard that recently in new orleans.

all the way from estoniation. amaziation. beer glug-a-nation. revelation. transliteration.

so dig this euro vid. there are cool bikes, a catchy tune and if anybody can translate the lyics, please comment below.

peace out, motherf****rs. as i wrote two weeks ago, this site is yours. thank you for your contribution, woody.

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One comment

  1. Mootorratta lugu
    Motorcycle song
    Performed by Apelsin

    Mootorratta ostsin uue
    selga tõmbasin nahkse kuue
    kõrvus vilistab nüüd tuul
    ära käin nüüd kasvõi kuul

    Sõidan pots ja postivahe
    neljataktilise hääl on lahe
    pärast seda kui lõpetan töö
    matstivändast ta käima löön

    Mootor tuksub, loodus kutsub,
    päike paistab, näokest paitab,
    tee ääres neiuke hüüab-
    „Võta mind lõbusõidule.“

    Käidi Tartus, käidi Põlvas,
    Võrus, Otepääl ja Tõrvas,
    järveääres peetud sai piknik
    et kojusõit ei tunduks liiga pikk

    Küljes mul on bensulõhnad
    saabastel on paksud põhjad
    raudtäkul ratsutan
    sest vabadust ma armastan

    Küljes meil on bensulõhnad
    saabastel on paksud põhjad
    mootorrattal sõidame
    sest vabadust me naudime

    Küljes meil on bensulõhnad
    saabastel on paksud põhjad
    kõrvus vilistab nüüd tuul
    ära käime kasvõi kuul
    Bought a new motorcycle
    dragged on my leather coat.
    Now wind is whistling in my ears.
    I’d even go to the moon.

    Riding „poof“ and post distance1.
    Four-stroke sound is cool.
    After I finish work,
    I’ll kick-start it.

    Engine’s beating, nature’s calling
    Sun is shining, touching my face
    Miss (girl) is hailing on the side of the road
    „Take me to the joyride.“

    Went to Tartu, went to Põlva,
    to Võru, to Otepää, to Tõrva2,
    picnic was held by the side of the lake.
    So the home-ride wouldn’t seem too long.

    I have gasoline smell on me,
    Boots have thick soles.
    I’m riding on iron-stallion
    Cause I love freedom

    We have gasoline smell on us
    Boots have thick soles
    We’re riding on motorcycles
    Cause we enjoy the freedom

    We have gasoline smell on us
    Boots have thick soles
    Now the wind is whistling in our ears
    We would go even to the moon

    1 Saying about BMW’s one-cylinder motorcycles from the 1930’s and 1940’s- engine makes sound after every telephone post.
    2 Places in Estonia.

    I will send you the lyrics by e-mail, so it would be more clear.

    Greetings from Estonia

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