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contributors wanted! REWARD: fame – honor – beer

All right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to go back to our regularly-scheduled programming of beer-soaked articles and interviews about old school metric bobbers, choppers, and cafes.

If anybody is interested in contributing to bikerMetric, email me and give me your pitch. Please, no typos or misspellings. That’s my job.

I’d like regular contributions about stock metric bikes (***, Brit & Euro) and the bolt-ons that go with them. If you have anything else to contribute, feel free to hit me with it. I’ll hit you back.

If you are a builder, shoot us your stuff. If you’re a photographer, we want babes who could kick our *****. News? We like biker rights, motorcycle laws, stuff about individual liberty, and photographs of Sarah Palin after eating a handful of sour Skittles. If you wanna do something but you’re unsure what, you just want in, what have you got to lose? Write me. That’s how I started with Bikernet in November, 2009. I hassled Bandit with crazy emails sent at 3 A.M. for six months before he gave me his metric keys and let me tear off at the unsafe speeds you see before you.

Just remember that bM is about stuff dudes can afford, not unattainable show bikes for hicks to point at, impossible-to-steer 300mm tires, and chrome dingleberries. Some show bikes are cool, but we like ’em when they’re ten grand or less to build for yourself.

bikerMetric is about the working man and freedom. Motherf***ers.

Thanks for coming by, everybody. It’s Friday!


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