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after the party

the dime city cycles grand opening party was quite a bash. it started off with a couple hours of hard rain, thunder and lightning and then settled down. the band played, the ladies were lovely, and the bikerMetric Pimp & Ho Tour continues on our way up to charlotte before we go back down to atlanta and spend a day with the award-winning cafe from the georgia sticks.

down & dirty cafe racer | xs500

yes, you read “award winning.” bikerMetric advertiser karnage kustomz won “best down and dirty cafe racer.” eric ran around that morning before the rain with the dime city crew and others. his bike and his riding skills impressed them enough to win the award with the first bike he ever started and has been tweaking and tightening for over a year. it’s a clean and killer yamaha xs500 cafe racer.

xs500 cafe racer

we will be visiting eric at his place north of atlanta in a few days and will get pix of him with his trophy. i’ll tell you all a little more about this young man who literally said “f**k it, i’m gonna build custom motorcycles” after 14 years as an hvac tech and manager.

after the grand opening, a bunch of us went to a place in downtown st. petersberg called “sake bomb” where jason cut loose after hosting what must have been a stressful bash to manage. we all got loaded.

i must thank jason. first, he put us in the best hotel we’ve been in since the Pimp & Ho Tour began, he called me up on the stage between the band’s sets and said some very flattering and humbling things about me and bikerMetric where i got to thank him for his hospitality and tell the crowd to “stick it to the corporate man, motherf***ers!” a loud cheer arose from the people, as well as some puzzled looks, and my ego, which does not need a boost, got a big one anyway.

some posers getting drunk

at long last i got to meet rich from lowside and we had a great time. we needed to kick back over beers and realize that we like each other a lot and the truth about me is only known by meeting me. he’d heard other things. some were probably true, anyway. here we are in the bar with ralph as i grab rich’s breast like it’s no big thang.

trent, rich and ralph

we met a ton of people and have many stories to tell. come back soon to see a ton of killer motorbikes. i’ve got a crazy beezer built by a man named scott taylor made out of found and scavenged parts for less than $700, including the engine. you’re going to love that bike.

more posers

we also met jon and his 1976 hondamatic, “juan,” which won the award for best bobber. i’ll post some pix of juan and look for next hondamatic, “lester,” when it’s done here on bM.

there are more bikes, more people, and more tales to tell. i have a funny story about how to load the wrong ammo in a glock but for now, i am going to watch cable tv in my hotel bed and smile. to those whom i met, drank beer and shook hands with, *** bless and thank you. i look forward to seeing you all again.

shaky pic of the closest thing to a sticker i had - the back side of my biz card taped to a work bench

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time, Wish i could have been there.
    Good going there Eric!

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