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1980 honda cb750 by beer budget choppers

1980 honda cb750 chopper

A couple days ago we introduced you to Matt, a.k.a. the Tweedle Dee at Beer Budget Choppers  and his $20 chopper. Time for you to meet the Tweedle Dum.  He goes by the name of Steve. He’s riding a 1980 Honda CB750.

Matt from BBC describes the classic universal japanese motorcycle turned chopper as “a collage of Steve.”


“He brought me some BMX bike bars from his childhood bicycle (somehow he still had them) and I bent up the CB750’s handlebar to replicate those. The pegs are bear claw pedals and the mac dog on the front is in memory of his dog (cant remember the name).”

1980 honda cb750 chopper

“Otherwise that strange *** bike rides like a dream, tall enough to hit the twisty’s hard, and yet seated comfortable enough to just cruise. this is a bike built to remember the 80’s child hood, and live today.”

1980 honda cb750 chopper
Update – This article used to end after the picture above… and then I posted about Matt from Beer Budget Choppers’ bike. In it, Matt calls Jeremy a jackass. Jeremy publicly posted a comment to bikerMetric saying:

“Thanks for making me look like a complete piece of ****. I have done half of the work on all of our bikes and I am the one who keeps all of them on the road and running. The real story behind Matt building the GS1000 was that his CB750 Chopper was faster than mine until I put new coils in mine and beat his. Two days later he picked up a GS1000 to beat my chopper and I told him that I wasn’t going to help him build a bike just so he can beat mine. He denied this until now and that was our on going joke with each other. I am Jeremy the half owner of Beer Budget Choppers incase you were wondering”

The internet. It’s all fun and games until someone can’t handle a joke and starts acting like a little Miss Stacey.

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