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want to build a cafe racer – no idea how

We’ve got an email from Adam is Israel who says people don’t know it’s possible to convert a Honda CB750 into a cafe racer… I’m not so sure about that, but maybe this basic starting point will help.

On 2015-05-14 06:49, adam wrote:

From: adam
Subject: 1981cb750

Message Body:

My name is Adam and I live in Israel.
I have a plan buying from my friend a specific original 1981 cb750 Honda.
I want to make it a full café racer and I don’t have any idea where to begin..
Can u please help?

P.S – we don’t have even one café racer here in Israel, people don’t know it is possible to convert it.



Hi Adam,

I would start by taking a look around at cafe racers on bikerMetric and see what you like. Next, here’s a video on how to build a cafe racer in 4 minutes (and it’s also a Honda CB750). Finally, if you want a really simple breakdown, you could always look at something like this: how to convert an old motorcycle into a cafe racer.

You can find many of the parts you need for sale on our new web store: http://www.bikermetric.com/shop/

Hope this helps!


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