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wacky russian dnepr bobbers and choppers

woody sent some pix he found of a couple of cool dnepr motorbikes. no downtube on this chopper. the motor is used as a stress point instead and i dig the 90-degree gearbox/chain drive.

for being russian, they sure look like they’re from jersey. i cut the head off of the dude standing. his baseball cap was killing me.

don’t know much past what you see on this bobber other than it seems to be a do-it-yourself garage build with some interesting elements.

tricky girderish front end.

nice work making the leaf spring suspension. woody wanted me to mention the use of the gascolator/sediment bowl, the fuel pump, the use of half of a universal joint, a portion of a connection rod, and the dog dish with the badge screwed to the bottom.

excellent, indeed.

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  1. That leaf spring rear suspension is TOO COOL!

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