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honda vt600 bobber

honda vt600 bobber | hammerbike customs

Got an email from Roman at HammerBike with another rad build. Check out his custom Honda VT600 bobber, from Russia with love.

honda vt600 bobber front quarter

Hello again, my name is Roman Molchanov, I am from Russia, Sybiria. I’ve been customizing motorcycles for 15 years.

honda vt600 bobber exhaust tips

My most recent custom build started as a Honda VT600 steed. I made a new frame, new exhaust, and did all the metallwork.

honda vt600 bobber forward controls

The only exceptions were the Sportster gas tank and the turn signals that I bought from ebay. My favorite modification is the seat. I used a tire.

honda vt600 bobber fender

The bike is name is Red. It’s foxy. The most difficult was getting the right color of rust and picking the right varnish.

honda vt600 bobber mirrors and grips

Planning on selling the bike for $8,000, and starting my next project bobber. Either a Kawasaki Estrella or a 1936 NSU. Please check out my blog for more.

Roman Molchanov

Think this is the first time you’re seeing HammerBike? Think again. We also featured this baby last year.

honda cb550 by hammerbike

Click the pic to check it out.

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