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called greg’s blog. he has a ton of interesting stuff. he was at the smoke out last weekend and took a ton of photos, mostly of harleys, but a few cool metrics. two of them stood out but this thing kind of freaked me a bit.

hideous cb750 chopper gas tank | greg's blog

now, i’m pretty open minded but that gas tank looks like it was blown up by a clown.

clown made shark balloon

even so, it does have a cool rear suspension.

cb750 chopper leaf spring rear suspension | greg's blog

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  1. And it’s a SOHC Honda CB 750! Very Cool!!!!

  2. Blown up by a clown? Brilliant! I was thinking along the lines of an hemorrhoid seat cushion […]

    That rear suspension looks really nice but I can’t understand how it’d handle the physics involved in real world bump abortion -I mean, absorption. Both words interchangeable in this context, anyway.

    P.S. Let’s keep Google searches a little controversial on this one.

  3. That’s one **** of a tank! Genius & fun!!! ヅ

  4. This would be super efficient if the bike ran on human ****.

  5. Ive got a lot more pics of the bike from start to finish as I built this for the ACO. I wanted something different in terms of a tank and with the length of the bike, wider was better. As for the suspension, I wanted the look of a hardtail but with a lil more cushion

  6. so this design totally makes the rear end of the bike length adjustable if ya wanted to get crazy with it

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