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triumph and yamaha choppers + i have friends!

Yay for me! And you!

Cochise County Choppers. Dudes…. Build an XS!

[UPDATE 02.01.12: the website for cochise choppers no longer exists. sad.]

All right guys, I’ve got a nice post coming with Jeff from “Saint Motorbikes” later tonight and then I may be off for a few days. I need to focus on the blog redesign for bikernetmetric.com and I’ve been putting it off because I like writing and talking to all of you more. But I gotta. Even though I’ve got another interview coming up, this one from Jon and Nate at Ardcore Choppers that I’ve got to fit in. I’ll just have to man up and get sh*t done.

****. No way anything is happening on Sunday or Monday, due to the Saints kicking some Indiana redneck *** in the Super Bowl and the huge bender I’m going to go on… wait. Isn’t Ardcore from Indianapolis? Isn’t Peyton Manning from New Orleans? A conundrum! This will be fun!

So come back and flip through the old pages. Everything that is the underground metric bobber revolution is going on at bikerMetric. Come and rule the world with us!

I know, there’s a post about a sportbike back in november of 2009, then and some **** about some overblown Yamaha chopper painted in a million tribal colors but you see the first cool XS bobber ever on this site that same day because I know what is really happening. Real and a bit ratty, that’s what.

Bandit’s warned me, “don’t f**k with the majors.” But the majors were minors once and that’s us now, motherf***ers. Until we’re rich, fat and old, I’m going to be the metric ****! See if you can kill me! Mua ha ha ha ha!


The poll is over and I want to thank everybody who voiced their opinion. It was the best turnout ever and by far. I will promise you all this: No crotchbike bullsh*t, no five-thousand dollar paint jobs on 300mm tire “choppers,” no chrome stuff that you glue on, and no hippie f***ing alternative fuel ****. When we run out of gasoline in 20 years, we’ll stab yuppies in the face and steal what’s left in their SUV, making their women our *** slaves. They’ll love it. Bow chicka wow-wow.

Besides, mortal enemies are fun. They keep you on your toes.


You bastards also like classic stuff, so I’m going to post this cool pic from ZZ Chop and tell you to go there for a ton of great vintage things.

Peace off!


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