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two-faced people and builders without frame jigs

I really love you guys. No, I’m not saying that because I’m drunk. Okay, maybe I am but give me a break because I’m meeting some great builders and parts makers and because I can see the future, I can see that it’s yours for the taking. It’s the underground metric revolution, motherf***ers. It’s cheap, simple, beautiful and honest.

(wipes tear)

How many miles per gallon does a hotrod XS650 get? Forty? Fifty? Depends on your wrenching capabilities but man, our state governments ought to give dudes riding these bikes a tax exemption for being efficient.

One douche in a four-wheeler yapping on his cell phone: 10 to 25 mpg.
You on a badass bobber in the wind, flipping him off: 40+ mpg.

And some say bikers aren’t environmentally conscious.

All right. Poetry corner closed. I am going to do everything I can to see that you all make a happy living doing what you love. All I ask is that I get to do the grafix for your TV shows, ’cause you know that’s where this is going. Then everybody will get rich and fat and stupid and the fad will wear off and we’ll sit around the garage drinking beer reminiscing about that time when…

…and that girl who…

Poetry corner out-takes. Sorry about the technical difficulties.

Until we give birth to what we hate, I offer love. First is:

Those pipes kill me by the way they flow with the frame. The simplicity of taking a line and following it multiple times. It’s clean motorcycle design. I think his bike, “Saving Grace” (below) is the best-looking Triumph bobber ever.

Too bad it was built without a frame jig. Wonder how it steers….

Stupid beer. Now give me a hug. Awwww………

Today we got a new member. Matt is in Austin and is a pretty wicked manipulator of leather. He has created hand-tooled saddles, grips, b**ch pads and more.

Matt is good at the leather stuff and I’m happy to profile him here on bikerMetric. Just don’t ask him to see if your handlebars are straight

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