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the bikerMetric group is now on chop cult

yes, it’s true. while zurker is cool, they are in beta stage, so i started to think of where and how to get the old group going again, as i’ve heard from many who are bummed i stuck it to facebook and blew up my profile, as well as the group. the privacy issues and random banning of members for old bulls**t photos was too much for me to take. i know many of you left facebook as well. it was a waste of time most often.

i’d prefer a more cycle/biker-friendly atmosphere.

although over 100 of the faithful followed me to zurker, where i believe the future lies, they still have some work to do that will allow our old 860-member strong bikerMetric group to re-start.

and here is the solution:

many of you are probably chop cult members, so it’s easy. we can share build info, ask questions, get answers, drink beer, and generally have a good time in the same manner as we used to.

go to the new bikerMetric group here and let’s get rolling…. i mean sailing!


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