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swap meet **** rat bike of the day | suzuki 175 by blue star

once again good friend TOOLS1 has come through with a freaky-assed motorsickle he found.

suzuki 125 enduro rat bobber | blue star motorcycles

this one was discovered at the “heart of america motorcycle enthusiasts show” yesterday at the kansas city airport. the owner/builder was not there, but his boss was found and he filled TOOLS in with some details about this killer rat bike.

two stroke suzuki 125 rat bike - rear | blue star motorcycles

the owner/builder turns wrenches at blue star motorcycles in kansas city, which greatly excited TOOLS. it it’s a true “make due with what you have” metric motor machine.

two stroke suzuki 125 ratbike motor | blue star motorcycles

the owner is named jim who said he was going to throw the bike in the junk pile when his mechanic decided he wanted it. it was at one time a mere suzuki 175 enduro two stroke single with a six speed not unlike this:

i imagine it was in bad shape if they were going to scrap it. the tank came from an unnamed honda and the rest is hand made. i can definitely see that.

i’d put clip-ons and work on the seat, but this is probably a winner of the cheapo challenge regardless.

suzuki 125 enduro rat bike - handlebars and tank | blue star motorcycles

if TOOLS remembers correctly, the foot pegs were made out of a furnace. i think other parts were, too. he hopes to run across the builder in the future.

suzuki 125 rat bike | blue star motorcycles

there are a ton of badass details on this little monster with cast iron bits and stuff that was surely ripped from industrial machinery. right-click the photos to see them much larger.

thanks TOOLS and peace out, all you metric madmen.

suzuki 125 rat bobber - brake light | blue star motorcycles

leave a comment if you dig, have an opinion or whatever. i promise to not cream you all as most of you have respect for bikerMetric.



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  1. I dont know this bike,but I know those pegs did come out of a furnace. Those are old burner tubes from a gas fired furnace. They have not made them in that style for a very long time. Early 60’s or older.Very cool.

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