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suzuki gs450 brat bobber for sale

NOTE: the following photos were not professionally taken. the bike was built by a multiple trophy winner and notorious beer drinker. he is not australian, has never worked in an ad agency, takes pix from cell phone cameras, and does not own khaki pants. motherf***ers.

there is a house in georgian hills they call karnage kustoms. it’s been the ruin of many an old bike, and *** forgive this one.

the resurrected rat:

built with duct tape and beer sweat, this little suzuki 1982 inline twin is one of the best gs450 custom bobber/chopper/cafe/trackers i have ever seen.

it’s got handlebars and brake lights but gives middle fingers to gauges and turn signals. you’ll need those fingers later for old people and bankers. especially the middle ones. those are important fingers. after the thumb and forefinger, protect them at all cost. the rat’s brakes are half worn but the front tire is brand new.

the tank is stock and modified. do you know where? the electronic system rivals that of a rocket to space until martians shot us down, making it clear the moon was theirs already, b*tch.

that day, an old cherokee shaman fought both tears and laughter.

it’s well known my poetry makes no sense to most of you uptight trend followers. so f**k off already. i don’t make money, and if i did, i would not have to be nice to you, as if you could make me wear a polo shirt, much less five days a week. for others,¬†thanks for digging how badass this little twin brat bobber is and please tell more friends than the palin family has retarded children.

the answer is two.

here’s a fun drinking party idea: buy a six pack, give five beers away and say “name sarah palin’s five children.” the person who can name all five gets everybody else’s beer. if someone can do that and also name the retarded kid, they get a dollar from everybody who couldn’t name all five.

the winner must then sit in a corner with their back to the wall for a while while contemplating what six pack of cheap beer they’re going to buy and whether or not they’ll share it with these ********.

if nobody can name all five, drink your beers and consider yourself lucky sarah palin will never be president. then play “taps” by farting. make up your own rules for punishing those who shart (you’ll hear it) or fart out of key.

this bike, and the stories it will make for generations to tell, could be yours.

first, you must read details of the build, which don’t tell the whole story of grave social offenses such as accessory to beer and conspiracy to accessorize more beer. both are related to a **** ring. it’s a long story but one that surely adds to the value of such a documented machine.

if you are interested in the bike, make a bid on ebay.

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