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reader rides | steve’s sr500 tracker

since september has obviously become “tracker month” on bikerMetric, please accept this offering, a lone thumper which started its current life as an old and beat up yamaha sr500. once the builder, steve, gathered all parts he needed, he stripped the bike and set about grinding everything off the frame that wasn’t needed, including the swingarm.

after cutting and welding a new swingarm onto the bike, steve slapped on some short shocks which lowered the bike considerably. he then fabricated brackets for the turn signals and footpegs, built the battery and electric box, and the seat pan. the tank came off some harley and needed to be modified to fit the sr500 frame. steve also welded bigger fins to the cylinder head which gives the motor a bold look.

the wheels are powder coated with stainless spokes. the frame is painted satin black, and the tank and rear fender are bare metal that he lacquered, we are the bars he stole of his wife’s ducati.

steve’s bike took 42 months to build and is his daily rider. it seems that every time he stops people want to talk about it as most think it’s an old single from late 1950’s.

his next project is to build an sr cafe racer this winter. steve promised to send pix and info that you metric mofos might enjoy it. thanks, man. make sure to take your photos with the sun to your back next time!

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  1. Cool bike. Where the **** does he live with that bulletin board license plate?

  2. my first guess is up your ****, because it seems something is jammed way up inside of it. need a hug?

  3. Noper. The laugh will do me fine.

  4. good to know, jeff. have a great weekend, man.

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