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Kawasaki Tribute Bike

sneak preview | tribute bike from k-kustoms

Ariez at K-Kustom (Kopi Kustom) sent some preview pics of his latest project. It’s a tribute to the Majapahit Empire from the Island of Java (modern day Indonesia, a.k.a. K-Kustom Country). The Empire spanned across what we now call Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and beyond.  From my understanding the motorcycle is going to be a tribute to the culture and history  of the island. We didn’t get much more info from Ariez. For now we know that the bike is a Kawasaki, and Ariez will be doing a whole lot of metric custom work, adding 3D gas tank effects, and more.

Kawasaki Tribute Bike

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You can also check out K-Kustom’s website here.

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  1. ALWAYS love the airhorns!!

    Mine (Stebel) gets the idiots RIGHT outta the way!!!

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