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free bikerMetric app

We’ve never really mentioned the bikerMetric App for Android more than once or twice. It doesn’t get any upgrades or fancy options. It just works. The current version of the app is now running on over 100 devices scattered all over the world. Considering the web site gets 65,000 monthly visitors, that’s not much.

We put out the app and all of the content on the website for free. We support and help expose custom metric motorcycle builders from the big leagues down to the backyard builder. The metric revolution started here and we’re **** proud of it. We do it for free, and we love it…. but we could use a favour, or few.

If you see something you like on the website, share it with a friend who you think will like it.
If you can think of a way of making our site better, contact us and let us know.
If you have an Android device please download the bikerMetric app, try it out, and leave us a positive reviews.

Positive reviews help our app to rank a little better, which means more readers, which means a better website for all of you. We all win.

You can try out the bikerMetric app and review it here.

Get the best of bikerMetric directly in your inbox, once a week, every week.

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