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royal enfield 350cc porus by bambukaat motorcycle customs

This week we received an email from a custom Metric builder from Ropar, India. The builder, Bambukaat MC, sent a link back to their Facebook page along with some pics of their Royal Enfield build they called Porus.
Here’s the letter:

People tend to talk about things that interest them & we were no different. We, 4 guys, all of us motorcycle enthusiasts. Whenever we would gather up for a “GEDI” or at someplace, most of our topic of discussion was based on motorcycling.

One fine day we were discussing about the custom motorcycle scene in India & we all stumbled upon one same thought. We should start customizing motorcycle. We all were a bit skeptical about it at first till one of us actually bought a second hand Royal Enfield. That time we knew there’s no stepping back now.


We rented a good small workshop out from city area. While we were hustling in & about the workshop we still could not come up with a name for it. Many different names popped out from our heads, but one stood out “BAMBUKAAT”, an unofficial name from the old days in Punjab that was given to motorcycles because of the simplicity of the machine itself. We wanted to bring that simplicity back in style.

We all started working on the design; we all were contributing ideas in designing and at last we came at a design which was absolutely perfect for start.

As we all know Facebook is a media for all startups for promoting themselves, we made a page of Bambukaat MC on which we started posting about various customizations done on motorcycles and while we did that we also kept posting about the bike we were building.

We named our first bike “PORUS”. King Porus was the ruler of Paurava region in ancient India which now happens to be Punjab. “What a great name for our first bike” we all must have thought. We were sure of what we want to make. Bringing back old thing is what we wanted to do with a touch of class in it.

In Porus we’ve removed the stock wheels of 350cc standard, complete head-light assembly has been changed, extended swing-arm, external air filter, wider rear tyre, no electricals on handle except horn, wider handle-bar, custom made electrical box in which all the electrical components have been placed, custom made handle grips, megaphone exhaust, custom made fuel tank with 22L fuel capacity and the brass accessories for the touch of class.

The build took us a months’ time, in which we had to sweat ourselves out almost every day and night. But in the end it’s all worth it. The bike has been showcased at many places and everywhere it went it was appreciated and applauded on. The appreciation we get, makes us even more confident about the fact that there will be a rise in the culture we’ve started.


Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs


That’s it folks. Be sure to check out Bambukaat MC and bikerMetric on Facebook!

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