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reader rides | will harmon’s triumph tracker

for some reason dudes who build bikes email me. i ask them for exclusive rights to their build. they foolishly agree. then i drink their souls with satan and laugh as we watch re-runs of “dancing with the stars,” cursing the careers of everyone.

not really. probably. but still harmon from suffolk, virginia emailed and wrote, “Trent, my name is Will. I like your site. You interviewed my buddy from Marcus of KilbyDeuce.com and my Suzuki GS450 made it. I was stoked!”

i loved that bike, man.

“I finished my second bike, a Brit Style 1971 Triumph 650 and would love to see it here. There is more than meets the eye to this Triumph. Marcus made a skinnier seat loop. The gas tank is off an old Yamaha dirt bike. It holds 1.1 gallons. My mom and I made the seat and used the original top of the seat cover.”

i love my mom!

“I used a QPD belt drive primary which uses a dry clutch. I love that sound!

i love my mom!

“A Joe Hunt magneto was used for the ignition so I didn’t have to run a battery and there is about 4 or 5 wires on the whole bike. The rear shocks are ‘lil 10″ers off a Savage or something. It’s a blast to ride and turned out better than I’d hoped. If you choose to put this on your site would you put up a link to our site? peanutcitygeeks.com?”


thanks for the email, will. that bike looks like a lot of fun to jump curbs and… hold on, i need to get a new beer….

okay. where was i? oh yeah. beer.

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  1. Very nice details. I like that I keep finding things.

  2. ****! Here I’ve sobered up, and that tank is still making me dizzy.

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