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honda gl1000 gold wing rat bobber from canada, eh?

on tuesday, november 8, a member of our little bikerMetric facebook group posted a photo of a gnarly honda gl1000 gold wing bobber called “el guapo.”

goldwing rat bobber | mondo lulu photo

because i love rat bikes that show creativity, immediately i sought out the builder. here is our brief fb convo:

facebook conversation with paul dutra

to say i was happy he could write relatively legibly and was interested would have been an understatement. then a week went by. then two.

by the time three weeks passed i’d written it off until the builder, canadian paul dutra, messaged yesterday saying he was writing it up at that moment and had quality pix.

honda goldwing rat bobber | mondo lulu photo

even more excitement! i love when i find a cool build and am the first to profile it for my loyal readers on bM. i work hard to find fresh stuff, not just yoinked pix from another blog.

front end detail of ratty canadian gold wing el guapo | mondo lulu photo

at about twenty minutes after midnight, i received an email with links to a page with a ton of nice looking photos of the bike, taken by paul’s friend, “mondo lulu.”

dirty goldwing engine detail | mondo lulu photo

in the email he wrote, “Here is something I put together tonight. Let me know if there is something more specific your looking for.” there was no attachment and no build info in the short email, and i was getting off the computer at that moment. i figured i’d write in the morning if he hadn’t realized his omission.

el guapo | dirty gold wing engine detail | mondo lulu photo

he didn’t realize. instead i woke to an email which asked, “I need to ask a favor and hang on to the photos until next week.” i wrote back, “why the holdup?” his reply was “We f***ed up and sent an email out to two other sites and now it’s causing some friction. We didn’t know there were competing sites but one of them asked for exclusive rights to release the article first. Should be out by the end of the week he says.” he ended the email with an apology.

ratty gold wing gas tank | mondo lulu photo

well…. now i have no build info and am being told my site isn’t worthy with an apology that seemed as hollow as a politician’s promise. where were those other sites when i asked for pix and info three weeks earlier? waiting for emails from builders seeking free publicity because they get over 100,000 viewers a month, that’s where.

we only get 30k here.

meanwhile the not-so-easily-typecast and definitely radical bikerMetric is out looking for fresh content, not sitting around waiting for a knock on it’s door.

now i was mad. guess what i did?

canadian gold wing rat bobber | mondo lulu photo

words. i wrote words and typed, “i never ask for “exclusives” but if somebody tells me they’re giving me pix & info and then tells me to wait a few days, i know what it means.”

it means i found a good thing and somebody is selling themselves to the highest ratings.

he replied “they asked for pics.” really? i thought he or “we” wrote to the unnamed blogs of jealousy. he also stated in that email how this was all “bulls**t” to him, that “I’m not one to sit in front of a f***en computer all day and looks for the site that has the most views or hits or whatever you call it,” while claiming that he only builds “a couple bikes a year.”

gold wing rat bobber | mondo lulu photo

take a quick glance at his website and you’ll find more than just a couple bikes built this year. i let him know i thought the bulls**t was him, that he was a douche and a liar, and that i would now f*** off.

that’s what i do on bikerMetric. i f*** off. right?

canadian rat bobber | mondo lulu photo

as for indirectly disparaging me for being “in front of a f***en computer all day,” it is not wise to f*** with an angry, beer-swilling writer. without us, there would be no history or records of all the dead people. dead, soulless people like this guy.

welcome to your footnote, paul.

and to those websites who demand “exclusives” for an artfully beat up honda gold wing as if it’s a falcon vincent?

f*** you. i got it first by working for it.

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  1. Oh snap, Their story just got a bit less exclusive because I published your link to my facebook page. There is something in mind just dishonest about making any bike look like a RAT bike when it isn’t but these guys take a brand new Harley Sportster and cut it up tke it look RAT? WTF couldn’t you just go tot he junkyard and get one a few years old or do you have to have EFI and anti-lock brakes on your rat style bike that you will keel in heated garage under a cover?

  2. right on, ron.

    i know i **** people off but when you start dealing with me, you know there’s a good chance i’m gonna **** you off, too, right? i think i’m pretty transparent about that.

    also, i am not a sucker…. any more.

  3. I like it. ******* bike. – baowah

  4. Your throat tattoo could be replaced with the tread from my boot! Sure would look better. idiot

  5. oh “anonymous,” when will you ever learn?

  6. thanks for the other remarks, folks, but i only publish negative “anonymous” posts because they are so easily mocked as written by cowards. arpad tagged his anon with his internet handle, “baowah.” otherwise, i don’t publish anonymous remarks unless i know who the person really is. thank you again and have a great ******* thursday.

  7. Hahaha. Great to see more Toronto motorcyclists on the interwebs. Awesome photography comes standard with Mondo Lulu. Most of my new stories use his work. Lots of goodies: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dzgnboy/

  8. Tread from your boot? Only if you can get my legs unwrapped from around his head and my ***** off his face…

  9. i love you, bond. anonymous or not. i have a woman who…. shall i die, will lay behind my dead body and fire fire fire!

  10. Hey does someone knows from with bike he took is tank off ? , or is it stretched to fit the frame ?

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