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liberty is our right


please click the links in this post, contact your “representatives” and “senators” from those links, and links watch the video below.

make sh*t happen!

bikerMetric will be back tomorrow with the winner of the cheapo challenge, more diesel bikes, and as the week progresses, some cool surprises.

until then bM – along with thousands of other websites – is (and has been for days) on strike to protest the cursed amero-corporate government’s first amendment-violating internet censorship bills.

if you’ve been bummed there has been no fresh content here since saturday, image if bikerMetric was taken down permanently by a government that did not like what i wrote about it? that’s what is at stake here. not only for this blog, but for thousands of others, from youtube to name-your-favorite-outlaw-biker-blog.

if you’re a blogger and didn’t mention this on your website today, and carried on as if nothing is wrong, you are not welcome at bM. you are part of the problem.

demand liberty. do not merely expect it.

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