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friday’s post of cool stuff # 78 | your *** thinks i’ve been a bad boy

for once on a friday’s post of cool stuff i’ll start with a cool bike instead of ranting about how we are not free, you are all dumbass lackeys, and i’m finding it hard to kill you all (except the hot, kinky, and educated babes with nice **** or at least large nipples) that i might start a new religion and rule the world.

more on that later.


found this today. a nifty honda nx650 dominator that was customized into a slick tracker by a genleman who calls himself “backtracker” from south wales in the uk.

custom honda nx650 dominator | backtracker
custom honda nx650 dominator tracker | backtracker

my best guess is that it was finished about six months ago and he builds this style of bike using the same nx650 base often. he even has a post on his blog on how to build one yourself.

honda nx650 tracker | backtracker
honda nx650 dominator | backtracker

the both rims are 17-inchers. the exhaust has the original headers, honda crf250 silencers and a bit of “tinkering” for the heat shields and carburetor adjustments. the hand grips are custom, believe it or not.

nx650 dominator custom tracker build | backtracker

other than that info, i can’t tell you much more about it, but i am sure if you are into this style, his blog will share a lot of information. this bike is one to own when you need to get anywhere, fast. plus, this is a “cool post.” i don’t actually work at these, i try to have fun and get in a good jab or two at the corporate man.

speaking of which….

the corporate man wants you to work for free

hm. a few millimeters of *** crack? or is it because the people that review wastebook are of indian (as in india) origin and might find my sexy representation of a new testament bible quote offensive for two reasons, not just the *** crack? seriously.

why was mine singled out?

according to the facebook statement of rights and responsibilities; “you will not post content that is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.”

i think i offended a tight-assed hindu ****. so take this, cubicle w****; sigmund freud believed sexual repression was the chief psychological problem ailing mankind.

i believe that, too. just look at the wife of any republican candidate.

she is taking rush limbaugh's drugs and is that saliva on her bottom lip?

some off-shore wastebook employee has a deeply-rooted problem and is an incredibly repressed loser. lighten the f*** up, learn how to suck a d*ck, b*tch, and leave me alone lest i curse you. i’m good at that. might the *** of love forgive me.

oh, the snake eats it’s own tail!

that image of a lady’s tattoo is certainly not hateful, threatening, or inciting violence, unlike the image above, which i will also post to wastebook to see what happens.

all that is left makes one consider if that image of her lower back tattoo consists of nudity or ****. i need larry flynt’s attorney from 1981. seriously. larry repeatedly shouted “f*ck this court!” so f*ck you, wastebook! i can see more female a*s crack than that image at any night club, any time, multiplied by a dozen. it’s what they call “fashion” today.

outrageous! slutty and tacky, too.

**** you facebook

as for plumber pix on facebook. watch out for what i’ll “like” and “share.” it is how i will let the corporate man and their third world lackeys understand what hypocrites they are.

some like fat a*s cracks and whack off to it. i’m going to make a lot of gay friends this week.

all chuckles aside, this whole internet censorship/spying thing is getting out of hand. if facebook doesn’t want me and my thousand friends, and 880 bikerMetric group members, i guess it is of little matter to the tens of millions that populate that site daily. it’s like killing a few hundred thousand iraqis for a few hundred billion dollars in oil. it’s their gig and i can choose to stop supporting it any time. 2,000 extra viewers a month from wastebook on a site that’s getting 40,000 is no big deal. right, mister military-industrial complex?

when i am kicked off wastebook, and it will happen because, well…. look at the slogan on the logo above, we will simply have more discussion here.

wastebook is just that, a waste. if you want friends, go out and see them. call them. write to them. find new ones at bike events, bars, concerts, and through other friends. of the thousand “friends” i have on facebook, they are not real friends. some actually care but most simply like what i do and what i stand for and it’s more about promotion than friendship. most of them knew about this place before they knew of the they wastebook group. they enjoy the low budget metric builds i profile here. they would stick it to the corporate man if they could only free themselves from their cubicle or bullsh*t job of some sort. there are bM readers who do stick it, and they also dig what i lay down here. but enough is enough. real friends help you move. they buy you beer when you break up with your girl. they pray for you and call to see that you’re okay if sh*t was flying near a fan and got on your favorite shirt.

contact your senator by clicking this link. write. don’t willingly become a member of the police state. if i can do it, you can.

also, use cash when you buy stuff. you can’t be tracked very easily that way.

shopping in the police state

this is the best biker blog in the universe. no photos of my breakfast. not a thousand pix of bikes and no information about any of them. honest and funny and sometimes strange builder interviews. informative tech tips…. regardless, it is not about me, it is about what i give to you. it is about what you receive. i am a mere messenger. as if i make a living at this while occasionally receiving words of how bikerMetric has changed somebody’s life.


those are nice and humbling things to know but as of yet, i count on others who believe in this venture. i survive because some people love me. not my readers. not my advertisers. this place is too edgy for most advertisers. i survive because a couple people in my life have sacrificed. may *** reward them greatly.

so here i am, reminding everybody this is a “biker blog,” that means edgy. it meats ****. it means beer. it means distrust of all that might inhibit liberty. it means “f*** you, bureaucrat.” i’ve been humbled by some of you but really, i do not care what anybody thinks. i do this for me. you dig it or you don’t. i believe in my vision, the one where we ride our hand-built machines and laugh. i hope you find your vision. if you discover it within these pages, then i have been blessed by being able to give back to the world something of value. i never thought it would be here. i always thought it would be through novels and music.

it seems like carelessness, but that is not true. i have to figure out a way to take these 1,219 posts and make a buck. for every viewer who thinks i am crazy, there is another who understands and believes. therefore, after months of hard work by scott at smith motor works, myself, and my secret cnc machinist, the most innovative 100% american made custom bikerMetric motorcycle parts are coming at you faster than love at first sight.

remember, if you are not doing your job, and looking at this blog instead, and your boss comes and asks what you are doing, tell them to f*** off. stand up, poke the ******* or b*tch in the chest and quit the corporate cubicle cage which has imprisoned you for so long. find yourself.

free yourself.

can i get an amen?

i did that once. and look at me today!

self-deprecating sarcasm, anyone?


always leave ’em with a babe. here is a surprisingly popular one. you guys are perverts…

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  1. *** yeah Trent, you made me feel better. i appreciate your place in the space. Three more bikes and i’m checkin out to ride and find those and a better head space for me.

  2. i am saving for a honda rune i want to take to you, shoe. you go ride and relax and be free. then we’ll party in your hideaway and make fun.

  3. Too much joy for a single post!
    Entree, main course and sweet dessert. It seems like you are a ******* Chef of biker blogs, Trent.

    Almost forgot that juicy scrambler with all the reading and such a nice pair of spark plugs at the end.

    Thanks for this post.

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