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F***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device!

the darned laptop i bought less than two years ago may be on it’s last legs. it went berserk on me tonight as i was writing and making pretty pictures for the winning bikerMetric cheapoChallenge. after spending time on the “smart” phone searching google, the fix (however temporary) was found but i am too wiped out to finish the darned post.

i’d like to give a shout out to chris nemzer for his patient assistance in finding the solution as i pretended i didn’t care and smoked my pipe.

instead of the winning challenge bike, you get this great video that chris hunter sent me today. he asked if i had ever tried it and i told him i had enough trouble with beer and water!

that was a joke about being an alcoholic and living in new orleans. ha.

here is a teaser for the winning cheapo machine. tons of pix, some vids, and build info about it coming soon:

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  1. So that means the results of the cheapo challenge are gonna be in soon? That’s my kinda contest!

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