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bikerMetric blocked by united arab emirates

posted on the bikerMetric flakebook page by supporter leigh pattinson:

hm. wonder what i did? welcome to the new world order, folks. they won’t indefinitely detain me. they will simply shut this site off. one. country. at. a. time.

it’s what you get for allowing government to legislate morality and quash dissent. i am sorry, leigh.

you can contact the uae telecommunications regulatory authority here to tell them they suck.

posted this video before. it’s funny.

[UPDATE 03.27.12. 11:20pm]
since muslim extremist oil dictators blocked bikerMetric from their country, and i posted this, the link to my facebook declaration of re-independence is down. to read it, one must now log in to flakebook, and search for “DECLARATION OF RE-INDEPENDENCE.” there are only 298 signatures so far. it may be a stretch to call this a coincidence, but we need to add a few zeros to the end of that number, no matter what.

thank you.

[UPDATE 03.28.12. 12:20pm]
it works now. f***ers. thank you for letting them know. i did not do this myself. peace out and freedom or death.


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