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just a day in the life

I saw this freebikermagazine. I guess it could be called “a day in the life.” I remember those days. At a certain point my attitude, even towards bosses, was:

“Hey buddy, I ride a motorcycle that’s older than I am. It might not always work. Sometimes you’re gonna have to wait. I’ll get there when I get there, now shut up and let me figure out if I can hold this throttle open by the pulling the cable with my fingers and get this baby rolling!”

It’s not the most professional attitude to have. You can get away with it for a while. After that you gotta find a job to start paying for the parts you keep picking up along the way… to replace the spare parts you keep dropping behind you.

Without further ado…

Wanna see more of this dude and his old Honda Scrambler?

I think they’re in Taiwan.
Check out the page called “Go biker! Go!”

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