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1979 kawasaki kz750 bobber | sully’s customs

last night i posted about a new bikerish blog i found and threw up a strange cb750 chopper from the latest smoke out.

found this bike there, too, and contacted the builder to find out more about it. here’s more about it:

kawasaki kz750 bobber | sully's customs

the builder is chris sullivan from sully’s customs, and according to him, the bike is a 1979 kawasaki kz750 twin motor and the bike’s design is based on a classic amen savior frame.

old amen frames advertisement

it’s very freaking rad and looks like a cross between a tracker, a bobber, and a cafe racer (it has a seat hump! it has a seat hump! that makes it a cafe! guys on tv told me!) with a little darth vader thrown in for good measure. it’s not a rat bike nor a show bike. it’s simply clean and that kz engine is as die hard as they come. this machine is a reliable daily rider.

chris used a 39mm front end from a sportster which he powder coated black and lowered about six inches. yeah. i’d be sure there are some tough f***ing springs in those tubes. i might have saved and inch or two and just raked it out a little. it looks like it has three inches of trail as it is and a couple more wouldn’t hurt. trent’s design tip of the day. regardless, that was obviously not what chris was going for.

the gas tank, handlebars and seat were all made at sully’s. they’re all top notch designs.

i dig the white knee pad rubbers from an old nsu on the tank. nice touch with the white seat.

kz750 bobber gas tank and handlebars | sully's customs

the shop also fabricated the badass front fairing from an old rear fender yoinked off a big rig. the front wheel is 21″ and the rear wheel is 18. the tires are kenda brand “big blocks.” chris said he loves the aggressive look of this bike can see future builds heading in this direction.

i’d humbly request that the exhaust on the next build be placed a little higher so it doesn’t get screwed up on speed bumps or by making a right-hand turn. again, my design tips are free, just don’t ask me, “does this look straight to you” unless you know how many beers i’ve had that day.

kawasaki kz750 bobber motor | sully's customs

it’s also for sale at $5,000. that is a freaking bargain for something this unique. email sullyscustoms10 at yahoo dot com if you’re interested and tell him you found his kz750 bobber on bikerMetric.

thanks for the pix and info, chris. it is a beauty and definitely not another “seen that before” bobber. so sick of the same sh*t from the same people on the same sites, and even copycats of the same shops on the same blogs. we’ll look forward to more metric chops and bobs from sully’s.

thanks also to greg’s blog where i found a pic of the bike which led me to the builder.

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  1. Looks like a “Hill Climber” from the 50’s.

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