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Honda VLX Chopper - cover

honda vlx chopper | reader rides

bikerMetric: What’s your 411, brother?

Alex Cruze: I’m just a guy that loves bikes. My name is Alex Cruz. I am born and raised in Miami FL.

bikerMetric: What do you do and what makes you rock?

Alex Cruze: I’m a clinical coordinator and a great friend to all.

bikerMetric: What inspires you?

Alex Cruze: I get inspired by anything that stands out I myself like to stand out being different make the world more interesting.

custom honda vlx bobber

bikerMetric: What kind of look were going for?

Alex Cruze: I wanted something new to look old and i wanted to honor our military personnel.

bikerMetric: How ’bout the Honda. What what kind of shape was it in when you got it?

Alex Cruze: It was a stock 2001 Honda VLX 600cc / how did you get it bought it off the web / what was your initial goal with the build? to make it stand out

bikerMetric: What modifications did you do?

Alex Cruze: It’s been modified to have clip on handle bars for that café racer look a rear 18” Harley-Davidson spoke wheel, Harley-Davidson hydraulic disk brake rear was chopped and made rigid. Forward controls were customized using stock forward controls we used an old oil can to store the electrical components and an old school tag mount.

honda vlx bobber hardtail

bikerMetric: Nice, right on! Any favorite, least favorite modifications?

Alex Cruze: I love the café style look of the bike.

bikerMetric: What was most difficult?

Alex Cruze: Figuring out a electrical compartment.

bikerMetric: What’s something that came out really nice in the build?

Alex Cruze: Love the stance of the bike making it without fenders gives it a certin look and even feel to it

bikerMetric: Any cool interesting stories related to this particular build?

Alex Cruze: I always get great compliments but the ones i chuckle over is ”hey man nice Harley!”

honda vlx bobber on harley rims

bikerMetric: Are you selling the bike?

Alex Cruze: Not as of yet.

bikerMetric: What’s your next build going to be?

Alex Cruze: I’m looking into a bagger project as we speak.

bikerMetric: Wanna give a shout out to anyone?

Alex Cruze: I have to give a shout out to my friend Jose Aguero who always helps me out on my projects.

Honda VLX Chopper

bikerMetric: Where can readers find you?

Alex Cruze: Check out @ https://www.facebook.com/cafesocietymiami

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