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engraved honda ft500 cafe racer

that’s all i know, folks.

found these pix on a forum where all the guys do is post stuff they fancy while telling nothing about where they got the pix or any info about what they stole and re-posted. one member even stated he was a “honda lover” and commented that besides the artistry this cafe racer wasn’t that special and that the engraving was “too good to be stuck on a cb.”

as if every old honda was a cb.

the four valve single cylinder motor which looks like a twin used in this killer creation is a 33 horsepower, 497cc ft500 “ascot” made in 1982 and ’83 that got 50 miles per gallon with a five speed transmission.

30 years ago it looked like this:

i’d say this custom cafe is darned special and if you know anything about it, please leave a comment below. thank you.

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