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hardcore cafe biker guys made a video

this is great. it gave me a reason to live. i forgot about revenge until i witnessed the following footage. it is worth watching.

it is a great endeavor they undertook, and i commend them but at one point it struck me as half-a*sed. who is filming this? they traveled with a rescue vehicle. not a bad thing but it is never mentioned and becomes obvious as you watch the vid. both boys are in the shot. they traveled with a cinematographer? yes. they did.

i wish they cursed, drank more, and went off on the security issue they mention.

plus, “six states not worth visiting.” afraid of tornado alley and the bible belt? come on! don’t be a douche. there is a thing called the internet where you’ll find a bunch of things to see and do in those states. there are motorcycle shops, junk yards, builders, and strange bars everywhere.

i’d visit shannon “shoe” and his shop in oklahoma. one of the states these punks decided there was nothing worth seeing within. i’d also ride through arkansas, because i did once and learned a lot. kansas and nebraska might suck, but i only took a train through them once and most of texas and new mexico sucks, too. as if they knew about these places. having never been there…

leave a comment below if there is anything going on in those states. these guys oughta email me so i can hip them to some people to go and places to do.

but the lonesome highway in nevada. they take that? how obvious. i can give you rides more flat and more boring and just as hot. the ones that put you to sleep and hurt you. i’ve done ’em. so if you want to be a hardcore cross-country cb cafe racer dude, meet me and we’ll ride.

but wait. remember that one guy has a neck tattoo he seemingly preened toward the camera every time he could? it struck me as the act of a spoiled trust fund boy. maybe i am too critical. maybe i am jealous. regardless, neck tattoos mean one knows what they are doing and even if he doesn’t know, he assumes and is right because he has a neck tattoo. don’t trust me because i have more neck tattoos. i will fight for my neck tattoos to the death! regardless of my victory or defeat, adventure happens everywhere. try it, guys.

and the guy with the neck tattoo always talks too much. ***, i wish i’d met indian larry. the wise and crazy motherf***er. in an hour he could have taught me so much more than i’d learn in a year doing whatever it is i do. if i listened and wasn’t a neck tattoo guy who knew everything.

something to meditate upon…

visit kyle at motohype, who hipped me to this vid. or die. whatever you prefer. i think he knows these guys and they should take my critique as that of a grumpy old man who would prefer everybody dies. that makes it easier for me to start a new religion and rule the world.

as for kyle, i am sure this is what he expected. maybe even better. probably a lot worse…

episode two! bring it on. motherf***ers.

more dead people! hooray! pray to the *** i tell you to pray to and when you vote, shut the f*** up and be glad for the theater which thrilled you for a year between two opponents who will screw you over, anyway. what else would you do? watch jersey mob wife tv? next episode: stupid b*tch #3 tells the cameras to shut off because she has to fart.

right, mister president?

did you know that since 1980 the candidate who won the presidency was the one who spent the most money?

now the supreme court says a candidate can take as much as they want from those who “donate” as much as they wish from mega-corporations.

guess who writes the laws now, sucker?

got a million bucks to impress a presidential candidate? didn’t think so. your hundred dollar campaign donation pays a baltimore escort for a 20-minute BJ on some fat lackey’s d*ck or a few rounds at a bar i’d hurt everybody should i enter.


anyway, you honda 750 video riders, come to new orleans, drink with me, and leave with tattoos you cannot remember getting.

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  1. Cycle one is in OK. Red, and Kate are great people, and put on some killer party’s, for friends/customers.

  2. duh! i would visit TOOLS in ok! sorry i spazzed on you, man.

  3. All right! we’ll meet at Cycle one, and have Mexican food with Red, and Kate.

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