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honda gl200 street tracker | dariztdesign

here you go, metric mofos. i received photos and a little info of another nice bike from my friend faiz at dariztdesign. yes, it’s me doing what i complain others do by posting the same builders over and over but at least agus and faiz don’t do the same bike over and over.

and they aren’t overpriced, pretentious art ****.

here is what faiz sent yesterday morning:

custom honda gl200 | daiztdesign

Hi Trent.

Hope you enjoy your days with your new endeavors.

Well, I’m being lazy with the blog updates since the last attempt and Agus also told me to start building my own bike. I’m drowning with it.

So here’s the “14th attempt,” actually finished two months ago. I didn’t have the chance to have a decent photo session until now.

Call it what you like!

Thanks and enjoy your days.

gl200 single cylinder tracker | daiztdesign

okay, faiz, i’ll call it “little blackey” because it reminds me of a pony my sister had when she was 12 and that was it’s name. usually, we called her “blackey.”

this bad little machine is clean as usual with some very nice touches. agus always mounts things with originality and creativity, and the details on this street tracker prove his mastery.

honda gl200 tracker - tank and motor detail | daiztdesign

as you can see, the bike is based on a honda gl200 single-cylinder motor with a modified frame. both wheels are 18″ sporting meaty looking 4″ wide street tracker-style tires. the engine runs sweetly so has been kept stock in all aspects.

custom honda gl200 street tracker | daiztdesign

as usual, almost all of the parts, from the bars and seat to the battery cover and gas tank were made by agus. it is that fact that makes every daizt bike unique. he never repeats himself.

honda gl200 tracker - front | daiztdesign

i am enjoying my days much more than before, faiz. thank you for sending another sweet ride from dariztdesign.

custom gl200 single cylinder street tracker | daiztdesign

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  1. where can I find this spokes rim

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