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cream motorcycles cb750 tracker

really digging the stuff i’m finding in spain. one of the best shops is cream motorcycles. i know. the name makes me think of prince, too. they are also known as cafe racer dreams/crd.

i first discovered them in august with their tasty cb900 cafe machine and since we’ve traded emails, screwed around on facebook, twittered the **** twerp and what-have-you. stupid internet. we can possess world domination without you.

until then, give me your money. yes, that was my impersonation of an egyptian cop.

the guys at cream just built a killer 1979 honda cb750kz tracker. pedro sent me a ton of killer print-quality photos and info in english so my dumbass american one-language education could understand.

his new bike looks like this:

i’m not a fan of green, but color does not matter when you have just found your post-apocalyptic kill-em-all motorbike. strap a holster for a shotgun to it and ka-blammo™! f**k you mad max. you f***ing cop.

here are the build stats:

general info >>
name: CRD #3
owner: fernando de otto
base model: honda cb750kz
year: 1979
builder: crd
build time: 3 months

motor >>
manufacturer: honda
type: in-line four-cylinder
capacity: 750cc
carburetors: keihin
air filters: crd power filters
exhaust: modified megaton by crd with decibel killer

cycle parts and accessories >>
chassis: honda
type: tubular
forks: showa
headlight: custom crd
handlebars: renthal ultra low
boot command: crd buttons
light switches: crd buttons
front brakes: original
front tire: firestone military 4 X 19”
fuel yank: modified original
foot and hand controls: crd
rear tire: firestone military 4 X 18”
paint and polishing: crd

other >>
custom aluminum battery box hidden under the swingarm
ignition key inserted in tank lip
simplified electrical system
and they did something cool with the choke on the left side of the tank

here are a few more pix because ole is whining:

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  1. Yeah very nice… I get what ya mean about the colour & for sure it really dont matter when ya got a quality bike… I can see it in matt black what do ya think ?? Nice tidy ride….!!

  2. yes. matte black. the frame color is great and the matching stripe along the tank is nice. regardless, paint is such a subjective matter, as much as motorcycle design. i wouldn’t like the discussion to come down to color because regardless, this is one bad **** moto.

  3. I was hoping you’d score some more shots of this one. Nice work. Digging the way those switches are built into the bars.

  4. there. five more. ************.

  5. So where is the battery/box?

  6. see the first thing under other>>

    custom aluminum battery box hidden under the swingarm.

  7. it’s kind of like looking for that one fricking wrench you just had and after 20 minutes of increasing frustration your woman or kid says, “here, daddy. it was in the bathroom.”

    i also added a pic so you could see where it was hidden.

    peace out.

  8. where did the seat come from?

  9. they make everything, anon. seat included.

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