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sunday is funday #2: artsy stuff

i have a folder called “stuff to use” where i find things either on my hard drive or on the web that have little to no information but which i’d like to share here. i think that’s what i’ll do on sundays. it’s easy and gives me the day to do other things like read, write about anything besides motorbikes, mess with people on facebook, f**k, and maybe go out for an afternoon beer in a bar.

what i do know of the images taken from my “stuff to use” folder and posted here is told in the captions below each image. thanks to bubble visor for a couple of these pix.

steampunk motorcycle art | kevin mowrer
custom painted xs650 fuel tank | from bubble visor
custom fuel tank
original voodoo character by jim lee | re-done by campbell
raw headlamp cowl | from bubble visor

finally, my friend frank over at motart has been doing interviews for the past few months that he calls “proust-pivot-lipton questionnaire.” i think that means he reads philosophy and poetry and drinks tea. just messing with you. it’s the same set of questions from the actor’s studio television program. now i’m like brad pitt!

i’m amazed he asked me since past interviews were done with paul d’orleans, jeff decker, matt machine, and scott hopkin. it feels like i’m sitting in with the beatles and jamming a song i wrote with them.

anyway, i’m humbled that frank thinks the madman behind bikerMetricshould be given credence on his site. he asked me to complete his questionnaire, i did, and here it is on his killer blog, MotArt!

huh? what?

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  1. **** that is a killer fairing!

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