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freedom for egypt

or death!

today i read an associated press article on yahoo yesterday morning that told about a particular crowd of protesters overwhelming the police and that some of the police threw off their uniforms and protesters gave them clothes and hoisted them up above their heads thanking them with loud cheers.

the post was removed within five minutes.

the bankers don’t want us to be free. but there are more of us and we will not be stopped.

not all of the information can be stopped. check this mother jones article and the video posted there today toward the bottom where a very large group of protesters overtake the “police.”

what is happening in egypt is more important than you may realize. it’s more than casting off the shackles of a dictatorship which keeps a few rich and everybody else incredibly poor (like what is happening in the usa and uk), it’s also the largest muslim nation in the world. if they were to topple the 30-year long dictatorship of mubarak and his “arab republic of egypt” and institute a true democracy, it will change the entire world for the better.

my thoughts and prayers are with the egyptian people. dig this incredible video. at the one-minute mark, i wept. then i prayed.

kick ***, motherf***ers. america is rooting for you!

thanks to thom gohl for hipping me to this vid.



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  1. Proud of Human Kind!!!
    not many moments like this nowadays though…

  2. more are coming. i promise…

  3. It’s great to see a long dictatorship, stretching back from Mubarak through Sadat to Nassar, come to an end. What, though, will take its place? The change in leadership in Iran gave rise to something far more sinister and dangerous to world peace. The Soviet Union is long gone, its dangerous proclivities, for now, tamped down with its crushing poverty, but it sure seems like the new boss is just like the old boss.

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