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crazy s**t to freak you out #51

part 1 of 4:

you may not understand what $200+ a barrel of oil has to do with the dollar, and how it can ruin it, and us. the only reason the united states of america survives today is that oil, the most traded (bought and sold) commodity on earth, is traded using the dollar only. that is why gasoline costs half as much here as it does in europe. when we can’t afford the oil to make the gas, these guys are right. it will be the ruin of us.

part 2 of 4:

next up:

part 3 of 4:

“It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”                      – Henry Ford

part 4 of 4:

don’t be sheeple. here is what you can do to help yourself now instead of buying a new truck or hdtv:

about all this freak out s**t, i will be right. in the summer of 2006 i wrote a relatively tongue-in-cheek 20 thousand word long “presidential platform.” maybe i’ll bore you all and publish it here some day. the basic theme was “world domination with biofuel.” you’ve seen the graphic here before. almost five years ago, i was right. had we done then what i proposed, what the men in these videos are saying is inevitable would not be. we, and our nation, would be free.

the time is very near. within the next year near. build that bike, the little one that will go anywhere for cheap and run forever when gas is $10 or $15 a gallon. buy silver at 40 or $50 an ounce instead of 400 or $500. buy guns and ammo and non-perishable food. in a year or two you’ll be glad you did.

peace out, motherf***ers. motorbikes next time. i promise.

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  1. Yep, Saddam got hung by the neck for suggesting that he would only sell his oil in Euros. Not a smart move when Wall Street has the Pentagon on speed dial.

    Let me add to your survival kit:

    Chickens: they eat bugs and shoot eggs out of their *****.

    Dairy goats: They eat grass and make milk and meat.

    Non perishable is great but it is hard to beat self replicating. Also, dewberries grow wild along the Gulf Coast and can be made into wine. I realize it’s not beer, but any port in a storm.

  2. Good post man. FN scary is right.

    I’m embarrassed to say, but I pulled the following quote from wikipedia, as all these AJ videos reminded me of when we read Geroge Orwell’s stuff in H.S.

    On the idea for “Animal Farm”. . .

    “…I saw a little boy, perhaps ten years old, driving a huge carthorse along a narrow path, whipping it whenever it tried to turn. It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength we should have no power over them, and that men exploit animals in much the same way as the rich exploit the proletariat.”

    As a people, America is very strong, we’re just also saddled with short attention spans and lack of credible information and leaders.

    Girl I used to date in college, her dad worked for Nobel Oil in the UK & Russia, he hobnobbed with all the bigs, said to me once, there are only a handful of people that matter in the world, and he’d actually met a few of them, Marc Rich among them. At the time, I didn’t really care, I was a kid. . . this was about 1991 or so, I was more interested in his daughter and Pearl Jam.

    Energy is where it’s all going to go down, no doubt. We’re not the ones driving the boat, that’s for sure..

    I’m off to Tacos y Mas, to drown my sorrows in a killer plate of texmex.

    Tech Tips are really great btw. I’ve not seen any one place on the web where this level of detail is so freely shared. Good on you Trent.

  3. you got it, christian. “weapons of mass distraction.”

    everybody says it’s about oil in iraq and that is only half true. it’s about the dollar that is used to trade that oil. when we laid sanctions on iraq in the clinton admin and bombed his *** every once in a while, saddam said “**** you,” went off the dollar and started selling his oil with the (then new) euro in 2000. by mid-2001 the euro was worth 15% more than a dollar. that’s a lot when you are talking in billions. opec came out of a meeting saying they discussed switching to the euro.

    then “out of the blue” comes 9.11. then the “patriot” act. then war. our army is there with their guns pointed out at every other opec nation. they never mentioned the euro again. and today, they wouldn’t want to, anyway.

    i wrote about that in my “presidential platform” in 2006. hence “world domination with biofuel.”

    thanks for knowing the truth. i’ll drink your wine any day.

    austn, thanks for digging. i was hammering my new biz partner this week about giving me info from a wiki source so yeah, shame!

    i’ve taken polls about how i stray off the metric bobber, chopper & cafe theme into “politics,” for lack of a better term. i prefer”socio-economic concerns,” but whatever. 15% of my readers, when asked about the writing here in december, chose “needs less politics.” the funny thing is that readership has doubled since, and on my gay twatter acccount, half the folks that click to follow me lately are indie reporters, writers, and others who read mother jones and understand what i’m informing you all of.

    this asylum has one theme: freedom. it’s a cliche to be a biker and say you do it because of the freedom, but it’s true. all i’ve done is take it a step further into that socio-economic concern all of us need to be aware of if we dig being free because honestly, i do not care where you are at this moment, where you live, who’s your prez. YOU ARE NOT FREE.

    we will either be completely enslaved or we will rise up and literally kill the bankers.

    here’s a new political party name; “the jackson patry.” black people will love it, as will anybody with a sense of american history, especially american banking history.

    it’s time to get the word out. once people realize how they have truly been duped, they will revolt and they will win. it will be harder, but it will be, anyway. to paraphrase the 19th century writer lafcadio hearn, it is better to be free and live in sackcloth and ashes than to own everything you do now and be enslaved.

    except a bank owns your home and car and boat and hdtv, huh?

    not many banks own a dude’s handbuilt custom metric motorbike…

    and all the glory to the techTips goes to alex. he writes and sends pix. i add a few more images, usually for humor’s sake, and edit so it isn’t so british. i could not do those wihtout his wealth of knowledge and experience.

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