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announcing the bikerMetric pimp & ho tour

oh yeah!

you read it right, metric mofos, the bikerMetric Pimp & Ho Tour is coming to the dirty south starting friday, may 6th in houston. from there my favorite lady and i will be heading east as we make our way down to tampa for the dime city grand opening party on saturday, may 14th.

if you are near or in the cities on this poster, and you’d like to meet for a beer or to kick my ****, email me (trent at bikermetric dot com).

if you have a cool bike you would like to see on these pages, email.

if you’re a builder or have a business you’d like to see on these pages, email.

fabrication shops, custom anything businesses, clothiers, titty bars, regular bars, restaurants, and anybody who rides, supports the biker lifestyle (whatever that is) and has a story to tell are all welcome to holler.

according to dave helrich, now that we’ve dumped bin laden’s mouldering corpse into the ocean where it will mix with oil from the bp spill and radiation from fukushima, we’re going to have a radioactive zombie terrorist apocalypse anyway, so we might as well have fun.

laissez les bon temps rouler!

peace out, motherf***ers. see you all soon.



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