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etching available for fat-fingered wanks by helrich custom cycles

do you have a little garage operation and are contemplating a new and unique way to get your company brand or logo on your bikes? helrich custom cycles may have the solution for you. jenn (aka: hot asian slave labor babe #30) at hcc will create a chemical etching on brass plates. maybe she’ll do your piece in another metal if you’re nice. maybe.

each logo is digitally modified for best appearance as an etch, then printed backwards to come out right side up when etched. The bikerMetric logo pictured here was done in fairly weak etching solution for a long time in order to make sure the lines came out cleanly and has a chemical patina which darkens the etched areas and ages the brass. it will not rub off, though the face has been lightly sanded for “better play of light.” this piece was finished in a few coats of paste wax, which protects it and allows for things like brazing to crazy motorcycles and super gluing to skinless foreheads.

to get your logo etched by jenn, whip out at least $100 for two (2) pieces, or $150 for five (5) pieces. she offers further discounts if you want more, um, pieces. these prices apply to designs under ten (10) inches square and are cut to basic shapes (squares, circles, etc.), with basic text or graphic conversion. highly detailed pieces like this bM winged logo start at $150 for two (2) and $250 for five (5). all prices include general logo conversion from your crappy napkin sketch from your cell phone pic in a bar and/or basic letter design with a chemical patina in the etched areas. the faces of these artistic representations of your company can be natural or polished, and finished in wax or clear coat. paint, enamel fill, and custom designs are available.

contact jenn maa at jenn at helrichcustomcycles.com and get killer etched logos to place on covers, tanks, fenders and gansta necklace amulets.


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