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1983 gl1100 bobber | richard becker

and the competition….

you first saw richard’s goldwing work on bM at the beginning of the year with his 1976 gl1000, the condor.

he’s since gone very slightly raw with this gl1000 bobber, “ol’ sparky,” finished this last november:

1983 honda goldwing gl1100 - ol' sparky | richard becker

the goldwing was introduced in 1975, the liquid-cooled flat four honda gl1000 was an amazing technical achievement. at the time, it was the world’s biggest, heaviest and second-fastest mass-produced motorcycle; second only to the mighty kawasaki z1 900cc, shown here as a modern streetfighter:

hot rod kawazaki z1 900cc

the standard z1 looked more like this (thanks mfotd) and made a whopping 80 ponies. i guess we were more innocent in the ’70’s.

restored 1973 kawazaki z1 | motorcycle photo of the day

the first honda goldwings were 1,000cc’s and featured belt-driven overhead cams, shaft drive, triple disk brakes, a fuel tank under the seat, counter-rotating alternator, two oil pumps, floating piston pins, detachable backup kick-start arm, and more. there was also major collaboration between honda’s motorcycle and automotive engineering teams on the first beast.

in 1979 the motor grew 1,000cc’s and by 1984 the gl was a 1,200.

honda gl1100 bobber - motor detail | richard becker

richard’s bobber took approximately six months to build from the time he purchased the machine until it turned into this finished piece.

1983 honda gl1100 bobber - top detail | richard becker

to read more about the build process and see a great gob of informative photos, visit his page at the ngw goldwing forum.

honda gl1100 bobber - ol' sparky | richard becker

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  1. How did you put the shocks under the bike?

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