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1981 kawasaki kz305 csr chopper by hedkase cycles

boom, motherf***ers:

brock from hedkase was kind enough to shoot me pix and info of his latest build, a kawasaki kz305 chopper.  it took over a year to build because, as brock stated, “parts are hard to find for this b**ch!” he also wrote that he “f***ing hates” the carbs and he wants to run a two-into-one setup.

she’s a b**ch, indeed.

this little metric chopper was built with the help of his friend, randy kelly, and they like to show off the bike “to all the harley guys that think it is a scooter.”

brock took her to 92 miles per hour the second day she was finished and calls the kz305 “the little engine that could.”

here are the build specs:

+  the engine is three motors put together to make one running machine
+  the wheels are stock 18″ in front with disc brake and 16″ rear with drum
+  sportster king tank with mountain bike chain adornment
+  rear fender is from an xs650 cut by hedkase
+  seat pan and leather by hedkase
+  swap meet seat springs
xotic paint by hedkase
+  304 stainless steel exhaust pipe by hedkase
+  open uni filter air pods
+  stock carburetors (the f***ers!)
+  fake oil tank for wiring by hedkase
+  aluminum battery box by hedkase
gorilla powder coat
+  swap meet sportster headlight
+  foot pegs donated by randy kelly
+  forward controls by hedkase
+  z-bars by hedkase
+  six-speed internal tranny with suicide shift by hedkase
+  the frame was built by hedkase cycles using 1″x.120 dom and 1.5″x.120 com (usa d.f.a.r.s material)

right on. visit hedkase cycles online to see more builds by brock and the boys.

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  1. i have one of these kz305 and i wanted to do straight pipe and put those uni pods as well.

    was wondering if you remember what size jets you used to rejet??
    thanks in advance.


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